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Seven year old Diabetic appears on This Morning

7 year old Niamh Bridger was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes aged 2. Along with her mother Trisha, she talks on ITV’s this morning show about living with the condition.

Click here to see the interview.

Trisha has written a book “Why can’t I fly?” and for every book sold she is donating £1 to Diabetes UK

You can buy the book here

See us now on Facebook

Crusaders Against Diabetes can now be found on facebook.!/pages/Crusaders-Against-Diabetes/325663805973

The alarm that can save diabetics’ lives (so why is the NHS rationing them?)

Article in the Daily Mail By Judy Hobson
on 13th April 2010

Angela Wise is one of the first to use a new sensor-controlled insulin pump

Angela Wise is one of the first to use a new sensor-controlled insulin pump

She was saved by the bell after a long country walk sent her into a diabetic coma.

She is one of the first to use a new sensor-controlled insulin pump that detects dangerously low levels of blood sugar and sets off a deafening alarm.

Angela, 48, a financial services trainer from Harrogate, Yorkshire, has had Type 1 diabetes since she was 18.

She says: ‘My husband Dennis and I had been out walking. I sat down for a cup of tea Read the rest of this entry »

Smart Insulin that only acts when you need it

JDRF is working with SmartCells, Inc., a biotech company based in the USA, on a new type of insulin treatment for people with type 1 diabetes.

SmartInsulin is the idea of Dr Todd Zion, the CEO of SmartCells, Inc. The concept is simple – deliver insulin in such a way that it is only released into the blood stream when it is needed.


The new approach involves using a plant-derived protein that can bind and release insulin in response to glucose levels.

The theory is that SmartInsulin could be formulated so that people with type 1 diabetes would only need to inject the drug once each day, as opposed to the multiple daily injections they need currently. Once injected, the molecules would ‘stick together’, only releasing insulin when blood sugar levels rise above a certain threshold, and stopping when these levels fall again. In this way it, should be possible Read the rest of this entry »

Petition to the Prime Minister

Karl Beetson from Hertfordshire has started a petition to ask the Government to come up with NHS funding to provide continuous glucose monitors to all UK diabetics.

Please visit this page to sign the petition

Training Schedule starts in January – Help please!

With the Crusaders team destined to gain weight and lose fitness(!!) over the festive period, team member Andy Lovering has arranged spinning sessions at Ferndown leisure centre to kick start the training regime for the London to Paris ride – trouble is the team are having a little difficulty deciding on the music to train to.

Suggestions so far include Petula Clark, Helen Reddy, Peters and Lee, The Carpenters and even Pam Ayres (younger readers ask your parents!)

Please post below any suggestions as the team need all the help they can get (and when you’ve done that please go to our donations site and sponsor the team!)

Thank you

Team update – Kirstys Crusaders now up to 10

With Ian Cully and Rich Preston joining the squad the team numbers are now up to 10. The Crusaders are taking part in the JDRF London to Paris Diabetes Bike Ride next June and training is now underway. Please click on the logo below to sponsor the team.

You really should sponsor these guys!!

You really should sponsor these guys!!

YouTube Video Launched

Kirsty’s Crusaders video can now be seen on YouTube.

London to Paris – Team update

JDRF London to Paris


Enthusiasm for the event is growing and we now have 8 committed riders for Kirsty’s Crusaders….these are John Jocham, Dave Legg, Dave Hills,Steve Jukes, Paul Barlow, Nigel White, Al Ephgrave and Andy Lovering….more are expected.

Please click here to sponsor the team.

UK in the dark over Type 1 Diabetes


New research out today* reveals that less than a third of UK residents (30 per cent) know of type 1 diabetes with a further 59 per cent confusing the autoimmune condition with type 2 diabetes – which can be related to obesity and lack of exercise.

Men are the most uneducated about the condition, with only 28 per cent correctly identifying it compared with 32 per cent of women. Nearly one in ten men think that type 1 diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar whilst nearly six in ten men and women believe that it is related to obesity. Those aged under 25 have the least awareness with 78 per cent Read the rest of this entry »